Excerpts from: Stained by Areeb Zuaiter
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16mm film. Color. A young boy is imprisoned by the talent he had taken from his loving mother. The young boy’s mother is the “armed guard” that, with her special dominating character, prevents him from exploring other possibilities. The film won the Special Jury Prize in the Tenth European Film Festival (Dec 2003).

Time for Work

An employee is present in her place of work only with her physical body. Her mind, and spirit, take her to explore what she believes she is really meant to do.

Shake That Genre

American Continuity meets Russian Montage and Film Noir to present a battle of owning a contemporary, but scarce, item. This is piece adopts some of the historic film techniques that hugely impacted today’s cinema.

Swap [Cinematographer]
Read My Fortune

16mm film. Black & white. In the old, silent cinema, style, a fortune teller predicts a bright future to her client. It is only when what was predicted to be the source of happiness of that client shows up that things go topsy-tervy. 

Identity Theft [Cinematographer]