Excerpts from: Colors of Resistance by Areeb Zuaiter
Colors of Resistance

A painter, a comedian, a poet, a hip-hop artist and a sole singer have figured out ways to solidify their belonging to Palestine - a place that is being deprived of its very right to exist. Colors of Resistance is a personal journey that questions the concept of belonging to a place that is struggling to survive, inside and outside its own borders.

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Yalla Parkour

In a city well known for its blockades and barriers, a group of young men pursue a sport based on leaping over obstacles. Yalla Parkour takes us on the journey of young athletes who experience adolescence while struggling to pursue freedom in a world of confinement.

Film still from Yalla Parkour, a documentary film by Areeb Zuaiter. Gaza Parkour athlets on rooftop.
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Specs Beyond

An architectural experience that explores the key projects and the inner mind of a world renowned architects: Rasem Badran. This short was projected at Architect Badran's Exhibition–Ifa Galerie in Berlin, Germany in 2005. [5 minute excerpt]

To the Land of the Rising Sun

Filmed between Kasugai, Japan and Amman, Jordan, this hybrid documentary explores the journey of a young Jordanian dancer as he fails to join the dance group in their visit to Jordan’s Japanese friendship city, Kasugai. This film was part of the activities affiliated with the World Expo 2005 that took place in Aichi Prefecture and was nominated in the Friendship Film Festival/ Aichi, Japan. [6 minute excerpt]

Capitol Hill Books

The future of paperback books is predicted to go extinct. Jim Tools, the owner of Capitol Hill Bookstore, openly shares his feelings and all the sacrifice he has been putting to keep the only used book store in Capitol Hill alive.

In Style

Have you ever thought about the story behind the barber who cuts your hair? In Style gives a sneak peak inside the world of a barber shop and his owner; his challenges and his worries.